Some time ago, I think it was Christmas 2018, I got some extra time to myself thanks to a nasty flu. I had this idea to build a simple site for myself to record all my flights, taken and planned. I was using flightdiary.net (now FlightRadar24) for some time and I was overall happy with it. At some point in 2018 FR24 made some updates to their site - it would no longer accept incomplete date (so just year was no longer accepted), their stats got simplified without an option to see more then 32 top airlines, airports, aircraft types.

Having some free time at hand I've built what basically was a clone of flightdiary.net and improving it in the areas I was interested the most - so allowing incomplete data as much as possible and providing better stats of my travels. For example I like to know whether I've flown a particular aircraft or not. My most flown British Airways aircraft is Airbus A319 G-EUOC which I've flown 8 times since October 2005.

Once I had the website up and running, I've shared it with my friends, who loved it and suggested features, which I developed over last 2 years whenever time allowed me. I've added a calendar, individual diaries, simple great circle mapper, and privacy settings.


Travel Up is a service allowing travellers (users) to record their past and future flights, browse their stats, diaries, and share it with others via public profile and shared travel calendar. Granular privacy settings allow travellers to decide which bits they want to share and how, e.g. profile can be public but traveller's future flights won't show up on the public calendar.